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Meets Every 1st Thursday of the Month

Come out to Burbsec Prime! Everyone is welcome.

We’re just like you and you will fit right in. We’re 20-40 folks who geek out on infosec, memes, beer, and compliance jokes (among other things). Our skill set ranges from novice to expert and includes paper hat making. There will be someone who you can ask tough questions and get answers as well as be asked tough questions and give answers.

Aside from finding like-minded people, you will make contacts and friendships, and expand your network of professional connections with genuine people. These are the kind of connections that help you solve that thorny problem at work, at home, or in the job market.

Don’t worry about being late, people will begin to roll in after work around 6 pm and we go until we’re done (generally 4 - 5 hours or so as people come and go). We often have a later group that rolls in post-dinner around 8 or 9.